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None dare all it education, via Sister Toldjah:

Students in Provincetown – from elementary to high school – will be able to get free condoms at school, under a policy passed earlier this month, even though their parents might object.

“We know that sexual experimentation is not limited to an age, so how does one put an age on it?” said Superintendent Beth Singer, who wrote the policy unanimously passed two weeks ago by the Cape Cod town’s School Committee.

Free my butt.  Condoms are commodities.   They don’t grow on trees.   They have to purchased, in this case by the unwilling taxpayers of Provincetown.    Tell you what.   If the Provincetown school board thinks that giving out condoms is such good idea, let the school board pay them.

Education of a Bunny, Lori-Ziganto,  News Real:

I generally ignore the irrelevant bint known as Miss Gloria Steinem, but Katie Couric interviewed her on Tuesday and thrust her back into the mock-worthy spotlight.  Plus, I’m sick fed up with her and “feminists” like her. The emergence of conservative women to the forefront recently has made them particularly unbearable, as they strive to, in every repugnant way possible, diminish said women.  This is just the latest from one of them, Miss Gloria Steinem, who unfortunately resurfaced from whatever Birkenstock-clad, soy latte drinking ivory tower she was hiding in

Note how Hugh Hefner’s idea of disposable women, melds to well with Steinem’s.

Screw candlelight vigils, via Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:

Nineteen-year-old Rachael Green held her high school diploma in her hands June 15. One week later she died after being shot during a candlelight vigil for a classmate who was killed just days before.

Gunmen opened fire on the group gathered in West Oakland at 12:01 a.m. Wednesday, killing Green and wounding five people.

Does any sober person honestly believe that candlelight vigils to the least bit to prevent murder?   Pray that Oakland does not hold another candlelight vigil for the late Miss Green.

Christianity  oppressed in Islamic Republic of Dearbornistan, from Alllah Pundit, Hot Air, video:

Dumbo impresses Dana Milbank, Washington Post:

It was 95 degrees in the Rose Garden. Reporters dripped with sweat. Vice President Biden’s brow glistened. Defense Secretary Robert Gates’s face was pink and Gen. David Petraeus’s was red.


But the sight before them was rare enough to be worth the suffering: The commander in chief was being commanding.

Abraham Lincoln once said of U.S. Grant, I can’t spare him, he fights.  Well Stanley McCrystal was fighting to implement Obama purported Afghanistan policy, and Dumbo spared him in favor of llaceys who do not support the President.

But not Rowan Scarborough, Human Events:

With a national security team [Joe Biden, Jim Jone, Richard Holbrooke and Karl Eikenberry] that seemed to be hoping McChrystal would fail, it is not surprising he chose to vent to a reporter. The White House now knows the military has little regard for key figures on the national security team. Maybe this cold slap in the face will prompt Obama to fire more than a career soldier who hunted down in 2006 Abu Musab Zarqawi, al Qaeda’s deadliest operative in Iraq.

Dumbo is in charge, but so was George Armstrong Custer.

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