DavidL's Breakfast Scramble
Libtards do for the money, Chris Bowers, Open Left:

Only five years ago, the progressive political blogosphere was still predominately a gathering place for amateur (that is, unpaid or barely paid) journalists and activists unattached to existing media companies and advocacy organizations.  Those days are almost completely over.   Now, the progressive blogosphere is almost entirely professionalized, and inextricably linked to existing media companies and advocacy organizations.

Right blogs just do it, Jammie Wearing Fool:

They’ll soon wither and die with the rest of the far left media.

We adults with real lives and real jobs who do this as a hobby will soldier on. The right occupies nearly half the spots in these rankings, most of us aren’t in it for a payday, and we’re clobbering websites and blogs from major establishment media.

Obama to put the whore in journwhoreism,  Adam J. White, Weekly Standard:

In fact, that very point is a central component of the DISCLOSE Act, proposed by Senator Schumer and others (and endorsed by President Obama) in response to the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision.  The DISCLOSE Act would prohibit certain recipients of federal funds from exercising their First Amendment rights.  As Senator Schumer’s summary of the legislation puts it, “Corporations that received bailout funding from the federal government should not be permitted to use taxpayer money to influence elections.”

Those who take Obama’s money will write what Obama tells them to write.  Hugo Chavez would be proud.

One ugly hag, video:

Hat tip:  Shawn Marlow Wizbang.

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