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As to that peace flotilla, William A. Jacobson, Legal Insurrection:

The left-wing blogosphere is full of useful idiots, who pretend that the flotilla which just was stopped by Israel was a humanitarian mission.


If getting humanitarian supplies to Gaza really was the goal, this flotilla was not necessary. The supplies would have been off-loaded in Eqypt or Israel and then shipped in by land after being checked for hidden weapons

Gender feminist hisy fit, Jessica Valenti, in the Washington Post, attempts to define feminism:

But, of course, Palin isn’t a feminist — not in the slightest. What she calls “the emerging conservative feminist identity” isn’t the product of a political movement or a fight for social justice.

It isn’t a structural analysis of patriarchal norms, power dynamics or systemic inequities. It’s an empty rallying call to women who are disdainful of or apathetic to women’s rights, who want to make abortion and emergency contraception illegal, who would cut funding to the Violence Against Women Act and who fight same-sex marriage rights. As Kate Harding wrote on Jezebel.com: “What comes next? ‘Phyllis Schlafly feminism?’ ‘Patriarchal feminism?’ ‘He-Man Woman Hater Feminism?’ “

Valenti’s bottom line, unlessĀ  you favor the killing of unborn human beings, you too selfish to call yourself a feminist.

Carrie Lucas, National Review, in turn defines Valenti:

Yet the only policies that she references are abortion and gay marriage. Are positions on abortion and gay marriage the litmus test for the feminist movement?

If the feminist movement is really trying to champion women, then they need to realize that women care about lot more than sex and reproduction issues.

How to stop the BP leak and drive a Greenpeace wacko plum loco, from Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit, video:

I say, Barack Obama is no paranoid anti nuclear that we would never dare attempt this.  What say you?

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