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  • IS AL GIVING UP ON GLOBAL WARMING? Roger Simon seems to think so.
  • BYE BYE CHARLIE! I see Charlie Crist is finally decided to hang up on the Republican party.  That’s OK, given the Republican Party hung up on Charlie Crist quite a while ago.  Don’t let the door hit ya  on the way out, Charlie… Does anyone think that the swing to the right of the Republican party is not happening?  Does anyone think that the rank and file is not being heard?  Look very closely at what’s been happening in this race and you’ll change your mind.
  • YOU’VE MADE ENOUGH MONEY: I often get letters complaining about my calling Obama a socialist at heart.  How do you counter this, then?  Mark Levin:
    It’s true; every time this guy goes off the teleprompter , he gets some self into trouble by revealing his true heart and soul.  That’s why he’s got four of the bloody things, I guess. Can we just call the guys socialist now, and move on from there?  UC, personally, I wonder if we could depend on Mr. Obama to tell Oprah Winfrey she’s made enough money?  Wasn’t she the one who made something like $100,000,000.00 on her latest venture?   Or might we depend on him to tell George Soros that he’s made enough money?  Somehow, I rather doubt it.  I also wonder if he considers that the Goldman Sachs employees who donated something on the order of a million dollars to his campaign last cycle had earned enough money?  Or maybe, they get an exemption because their donations went to the “greater good”?  Go ahead.  Tell me about how the line of “enough money” isn’t drawn based on politics.  In that environment, “rich” is defined as anyone making dime one more than me.
  • AZ IMMIGRATION LAW: I’ve been watching for some time the business with the Arizona immigration law, I think it’s the best thing they could possibly have done.  What it does, is basically reinforce that to be the beneficiary of our constitutional rights, one must needs be a citizen of this country.  (Or, one supposes, to be President, but I digress.)   Sorry, that’s simply the way it is, and in my view the way it should be.  That said, Byron York over at the Washington Examiner looks over the field of play on this one, and comes up with a list of the ten dumbest things said about the law.
  • POLITICAL CORRECTNESS: I’ve been saying for several weeks now, indeed, several years that the act of political correctness is the sign of a dying culture.  So it’s interesting to note similar notices coming from Bruce McQuain and Richard Fernandez.

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