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  • IDIOT SHEEP? Yes, I think Roger Simon’s got this one down… Identity Politics is for idiot sheep and the LA Unified School District. Idiot sheep, huh? Yeah that accounts for the vast majority of the Democrat voter base. On a deeper level, though the vid Roger shows us gives us a clue as to what we’re up against.  Trouble is our ‘leaders’ won’t see it.  Oh, and shall we point out the jery involved is a good union member and is filling young heads full of his mush?
  • PAKISTANI TALIBAN INVOLVED IN NYC BOMB ATTEMPT? Well, the White House is now quietly admitting what we already knew… Faisal Shahzad was not acting alone. All this would seem to give a lot more weight to the argument that the suspect should not have been given Miranda Rights. Holder seems to be responding to the pressure on that point. Leaders often take unilateral action as opposed to waiting for a legal ruling.  Holder is apparently looking for political cover here, and is looking for a legal ruling. So we remain in danger while are so called leaders seek legal cover.  Such is what happens when we place far too much dependence on law and government.
  • THE ARIZONA IMMIGRATION LAW: I made mention a few days ago about the immigration law in Arizona and how Pennsylvania’s state legislature was considering a similar motion .  Keeping in mind that Pennsylvania is not noted for being the most conservative state and union, this struck me as nothing short of Earth shaking .  Now we see a poll from Scott Rasmussen which suggest that some 55% of Colorado state voters are in favor of the immigration law as laid out by Arizona.  It strikes me that whoever is controlling the narrative that we see in the mainstream press these days on the immigration law, there is a weakness being exposed in terms of their ability to actually alter public opinion in their favor.  Two of the more liberal states in our union highly approve of Arizona’s act of self protection .  Perhaps even more importantly, Rasmussen also reports that on a national basis 60% of voters approve of Arizona’s measures .  And this to me is revealing in the extreme.   It strikes me that the leftist government isn’t the only thing that’s mistrusted here, but also its official propagandists in the supposedly mainstream media.  What we have here is not Democrat versus Republican, but big government versus small government.  Incumbents from both parties who have been part of giving big government more power yet, are being targeted, and are disappearing.  I see that as a good thing.It does seem to answer the question whether not the idea of smaller government will actually catch on.
  • BENNET OUT in UTAH: That mistrust, of course, is going largely to incumbents, and it is interesting and revealing to note that the messages being sent to comments from both parties in equal  measure.  Example: There seems no doubt that Bob Bennett was unseated by the tea party.  In all fairness, I tend to think that he was not the leftie hack that some made him out to be.  Still, there was clearly a disconnect between him and the voters, particularly as regards TARP and related matters.  Bennett for whatever good he brought to the seat , also enabled big government.  Such is the nature of centrists.  They will play with the leftists to get along with them, thus furthering the cause of big government.  It’s precisely why I argued against a lot of the policies of 41 and 43.  The message , is clear and concise.  Advocate smaller government, and work toward smaller government, and you will have the support of the voters.  Do otherwise, including trying to compromise with the evil of larger government, and you’ll be removed.  Regardless of what party you happen to claim membership in.
  • NASHVILLE & OTHER WHITE HOUSE DISASTERS: David made mention last week of Nashville, as did Bruce, who he linked. The floods down there are, while not quite of Biblical proportions, certainly worth a Federal response.  But for all the media that surrounds Nashville, the funny part of it all is we didn’t hear very much about it.  And certainly the Federal government didn’t do very much about it.  So what we have here, is Katrina with steel guitars. Other disasters of similar scope would seem  to me  to include the oil spill in the gulf, the federal response to which has been at best laughable, and typical…. the lawyers get called out be hardly anyone that can actually solve the problem.  The Times Square attack, where apparently far more White House effort went into controlling the narrative, (However unsuccessfully)  and ‘protecting the supposed rights of terrorists, than actually finding out who was behind it and dealing with the source of the attack in anything approaching an appropriate manner. Then there’s the rising unemployment levels which the White House has been trying to spin as a good thing. It strikes me that there’s a level White House incompetency  here that is being revealed…. not only are the voters in this country beginning to take notice, but make no mistake…. our enemies are noticing too.
  • FREE SPEECH NOW ISN’T: When flag burning was done in support of leftists, and their ideas and ideals, it was free speech. With leftists in power, not so much. By their actions, ye shall know them, folks.
  • THE FCC and “FAIRNESS”. See, I told you so. Oh… and Check this as well.

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