I am afraid that crow is about to become an endangered species.

What do you call four crows in a pie?  Dinner for Michael Bloomberg, Charles “Chuckles” Schumer, Janet Napolitano and Contessa Brewer.

from Mike Riggs, Daily Caller:

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg appeared on Katie Couric’s show Monday night to discuss the attempted car bombing in Times Square. Between reassuring viewers at home that New York was safe and praising the city’s resilient spirit, Bloomberg wondered aloud if the culprit behind the Times Square car bomb was “a mentally deranged person or somebody with a political agenda that doesn’t like the health-care bill or something.”


The New York City surveillance video is not all the clear.   About all that is clear is that the Reverend Al Sharpton was the man in the video.   So why did da mayor jump to the conclusion the bomber was a white male?

Yet more fools to dine on crow,  fromRobert S.  McCain, Other McCain:

Jammie Wearing Fool reminds us that liberals made fools of themselves in dismissing the Times Square car-bomb, with Janet Napolitano declaring “You know, at this point I have no information that it’s anything other than a one-off,” and Charles Schumer speculating: “The odds are quite high that this was a lone wolf.”

Whereas the previous fools, Bloomberg, Schumer and Napolitano were stupid enough to speculate that the suspect was a white male conservative, MSNBC’s was stupid enough to admit she was rooting for it, video:

Hat tip: Robert S. McCain, Other McCain.

Never let it be said that blonds only have light hair.

May aversion to Islamist is that they trying to kill me.  Whereas Bloomberg et al hate conservative, because they threat to their political power.   Conservative have more respsect for Bloomberg’s life than he does for the lives of unborn babies.  So who is the radicial?

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