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Are the Obami out to steal your 401(k)? From John, Powerline:

For some time, there have been rumblings that the federal government might try to solve its budgetary problems by nationalizing (i.e., stealing) the money that millions of Americans have set aside for retirement in 401(k) plans and the like. One way they might do this is to confiscate the cash on hand in exchange for a promise to make future payments in the form of an “annuity.” An involuntary annuity, in that scenario

Before you dismiss this as idle speculation, remember that the ‘rat have compiled massive debt and have an seemingly unlimited greed for your money.

Old chick still has it, Betty White scores on SNL,Useless Toady:

Betty White is the all the buzz this morning after finally hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend. The show drew the biggest ratings since November 2008, pulling in somewhere between 12 and 13 million viewers, according to preliminary Nielsen estimates.

Young chick who never had it, Los Angeles Slimes,

Obama calls the U.S. solicitor general and first female dean of Harvard Law School a trailblazer. Kagan, who would be the youngest on the court, may come under fire by Senate Republicans for lack of judicial experience.

The President with zero prior executive experience, picks a Supreme Court nominee with zero prior judicial experience.  I mean its not like Barry’s fifteen months of on the job training as sxactl7y been a success.

Alas poor Miss Andrea Sullivan (NFL).  Miss Sullivan who deems herself an expert on all things related to Sarah Palin’s uterus, confesses bewilderment as to whether Dim Won’s Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan is a Frank or not:

In a word, this is preposterous – a function of liberal cowardice and conservative discomfort. It should mean nothing either way. Since the issue of this tiny minority – and the right of the huge majority to determine its rights and equality – is a live issue for the court in the next generation, and since it would be bizarre to argue that a Justice’s sexual orientation will not in some way affect his or her judgment of the issue, it is only logical that this question should be clarified

It is not a matter of clarification.  Kagan’s sexual preference is not a secret. from R.S.  McCain:

“How Gay Is Elena Kagan?” (Short answer: Gayer than Rosie O’Donnell guest-hosting the Ellen DeGeneres show.)

The question if why the Obami  in cover-up mode.  Does Obama think there something wrong with Kagan’s sexualty?   Did Kagan judicial stature simply blow away Obama’s apparent embarrassment about Kagan’s sexuality?  Or are Dim Won and Miss Sullivan the only two people on Earth who haven’;t figured it out yet?

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