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Dumbo sets sights on big trucks, what could go wrong?   From Erica Werner and Ken Thomas, Associated Press:

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama is setting the nation’s sights on vehicles that run on half the fuel they now use and give off half the pollution.

Obama on Friday directed the government to set the first-ever mileage and pollution limits for big trucks and to tighten rules for future cars and SUVs.

“The nation that leads in the clean energy economy will lead the global economy,” Obama said at the White House. “And I want America to be that nation.” The presidential memorandum he signed aims to reshape the country’s driving habits long after he leaves office.

Accept the truth, Barack Obama simply is not very bright, not educated and poorly served by his crony  administration.    So what could go wrong attempting regulate the mileage of big rigs?  The primary means remaining to increase fuel mileage is to reduce weight.   However with trucks, the weight is more in the cargo than the truck itself.  Does Dim Won mean to suggest that instead of using say two trucks to move freight, we instead use three?   Further, making new truck even more expensive, means making more logical to keep older rigs on the road.

Grim milestones, Debra Saunders, Real Clear Politics:

How is it that The New York Times reported that that the toll of U.S. troops killed in Afghanistan reached the “grim milestone” of 1,000 Tuesday, but my newspaper, The Chronicle, had not bothered to report the story?

This column began as an effort to redress what I considered to be an unconscionable omission. Even before the Iraq War toll exceeded 1,000 deaths in September 2004, there was a media build-up to the milestone. The Chronicle brought together family members from Northern California whose loved ones were among the dead for front-page coverage.

One thousand deaths in seven years in Afghanistan.   Not good.  But the Mayor Daley’s People Republic of  Chicago average a thousand murders every two years.   Shall we declare Chicago lost and pull out?

Mark Levin throws sand in David Gregory’s face, from Right Scoop:

Since Rand Paul has canceled his Sunday appearance on MTP, there’s an opening, and Levin wants in. He challenges Gregory to have a real conservative on for a change.

I’ve edited together both segments, so don’t stop when it sounds like its over. It’s just getting good at that point:


Sing along with Jan, the governor of Arizona has taken to openly mocking the associates of the Dim Won, video:

Hat tip: Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit.

Dim Won would be well advised to sober up and find some competent people for his administration.

World’s highest priced whore?   Mrs. Clinton would be jealous.

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