Brown v. Board of Education(1954) proposed and mandated a theory of education which held that black students can’t learn unless they have white classmates.  Now Ann Arbor has proposed and implemented their own theory of education, from Theblogprof:

Remember a few years ago that the phrase “driving while black” was used often to excuse being pulled over for whatever traffic violation? Well, looks like now there is a more real racism – “learning while white.” You don’t get a ticket for being white. Instead, you lose your educational opportunity. From Ann (HT: Jennifer Gratz on FB): Field trip for black students sparks controversy at Ann Arbor elementary school

Hat tip:  Glenn Reynold, Instapundit.

Ann Arbor new theory of education is that evidently blacks can’t learn unless they get more field trips than whites.   Of course the mere fact that Ann Arbor was still fiddling with the formula some fifty-six years after Brown proves that the Nine morons in black robes didn’t exactly get Brown right.

Now imagine if you will that the races had been reversed, to wit a field trips for white students only.   The Reverend Al Sharpton would have pulled out Arizona to lead the protest parade,  Jessie Jackson would denounced school trips for hymies and Dim Won would called the school board misguided.

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