Dumbo is as dumb about debate as he is about nukes:

White House

(Reuters) – President Barack Obama on Thursday made clear he was not going to take advice from Republican Sarah Palin when it comes to decisions about the U.S. nuclear arsenal.

Barack Obama

Palin, the former vice presidential candidate, has not been shy about criticizing Obama’s policies and this week weighed in on his revamped nuclear strategy, saying it was like a child in a playground who says ‘punch me in the face, I’m not going to retaliate.’

“I really have no response to that. The last I checked, Sarah Palin is not much of an expert on nuclear issues,” Obama said in an interview with ABC News

Now where I come from, the United States, no response consists of no comment.  From acumen on nuclear the Obamatard in Chief has taken a position not taken by any American president of the nuclear age.  For her part, Sarah Palin advocates the same strategy as implemented by Presidents Harry S. Truman through George W. Bush.  Then unlike Obama, Sarah actually attended college.

I note that Taylor Marsh takes note.  I am not likely to agree much with Ms Marsh, but she gets it, from the Puffngton Post:

While Democrats and the Obama White House continue to take jabs at Sarah Palin, the fact remains they can’t resist rising to her bait, with the media loving to pit Palin against Obama whenever the chance arises. Even when Pres. Obama says he’s not going to respond, like he did on Palin’s nuclear policy criticism, Obama goes on to do exactly that. Never mind that Palin and other conservatives completely miss that Pres. Reagan dreamed about nuclear zero. Meanwhile, when you look to the left, there is no anti-Palin, no woman even close to competing with her star power.

Sarah Palin

Leaders pulls strings.  Clearly Sarah has gotten inside of Dumbo’s, b/k/a Barack Obama, head and is the one pulling his strings.  Dumbo can’t stop responding to Sarah even when he says is not going to respond.  Do you believe that foreign leaders like Vladamir Putin, Hugo Chavez and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad take notice of how easy it is to pull Obama’s string?  While I am no fan of former president B.J. Clinton, I note that Clinton was at least smart enough to leave the personal attacks to attack dogs like James Carville.

Sarah set  Dumbo up and pulled his string yet again, transcript from SRLC in New Orleans, via Michelle:

In foreign policy, we’ve got the makings of the Obama Doctrine: coddling our enemies while alienating allies.

The administration eased sanctions on Cuba and sided with Chavez against Honduran democracy. They won’t bring up human rights with China because, quote, ‘we know what they are going to say.’ They offer tepid sanctions on North Korea and ‘gold stars and cookies’ for the Sudanese President. They send letters to Iranian mullahs but can barely muster a word of support for the Green Movement seeking freedom and women’s rights in Iran!

And President Obama, with all that vast nuclear expertise he acquired as a community organizer, a part-time senator, and a candidate for president, has accomplished nothing to date with Iran or North Korea.

Meanwhile, this administration alienates our friends. They treated Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai poorly and acted surprised when he reacted in kind. And they escalated a minor zoning decision into a major breach with Israel, our closest ally in the Middle East.

Folks, someone needs to remind the President: Jerusalem is not a settlement. Israel is our friend. And the critical nuclear concerns of our time are North Korea, who has nuclear weapons, and Iran, who wants them.


Hat tip and more: Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:

She hooked him yesterday…  She reeled him in today.

Obviously, Jim and myself do not agree on the proper analogy.  Such is life.

Dumbo should note that he having a battle of wits with a half term ex governor of Alaska and losing.  Dim Won is the one who is  visibly agitated.  Whereas Mrs. Palin is having more fun than a moose hunt.

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