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  • OBAMA ZOMBIES: John Hawkins, over at Right Wing News, has done an interview with ambush interviewer extraordinaire, Jason Mattera: the author of “Obama Zombies: How the Liberal Machine Brainwashed My Generation.” A couple clips:

    Jason Mattera: That’s one thing Obama Zombies looks at — these tactics and strategies that have been successful, but the GOP has an awful outreach program. It’s just awful. John McCain was an awful candidate all around. I mean, gramps – God bless what he did for our country, but to be real, I mean gramps just looked like death. He did.

    Jason Mattera: Unfortunately, our generation is made up of a bunch of circus animals, spoiled brats who aren’t thinking for themselves — and they’re prime targets to be labotomized by liberalism. We’re able to live clueless lives today because we don’t have to worry about some government death squad rounding us up and axing us to death, as the young people have to look out for in Iran. But when you’re able to live a clueless life, it breeds a lazy logic, which is the hallmark of the Obama zombie.

    Jason Mattera: But conservatives are always going to have a disadvantage on the celebrity front. We just are. Not only does Barack Obama use celebrities to gin up interest, what he did during the campaign was transform that interest into get-out-the-vote tactics.

    So he’d have these free concerts with Dave Matthews. They’d have 30,000 to 40,000 people pack these stadiums. They’d register them to vote. They’d get their cell phone numbers. And then in some states, you can register to vote and vote on the same day, absentee.

    So they’d bus them then to the polling stations to go vote. All it took for young people was, “Wow, Barack’s hooking me up with Dave Matthews tickets. Sweet, I’ll vote for him.” That’s how it was.

    Not that any of this is particularly new.  I can recall specifically that at the height of his popularity, Harry Chapin was doing concerts on the cheap in support of various Democrats.  Did one here in Rochester, at the auditorium theater, at the time.  Back in the day, his candidate lost, for that event.  But it does bring to question how seriously considered such voting is.

  • STUPAK UPDATE: The Tea Party Express is sending out word via e-mail, that their efforts to defeat Bart Stupak are meeting with wild levels of support.  To the point where they’ve already raised $50,000.00 in the campaign, and they haven’t even started on radio and TV yet.
  • BUT WHAT WILL OBAMACARE REALLY DO? John Boehner has been saying that it will ruin the country.  I’ve thought that all along.  So of a lot of other people. We have been repeatedly warning about the massive costs involved here that the Democrats weren’t telling us about.  You may recall, as an example, that the president made a great big hairy deal (Or in Biden’s words, a BFD) out of creating jobs at Caterpillar.  (It’s interesting to note that Caterpillar recently removed itself from making over the road truck engines because it couldn’t keep up with a massive burden placed on them by the EPA … a burden that Obama approves of and wants to make even worse …. but I digress..)… but now the story is leaking out, the Caterpillar is being forced to take a tax cut of $100,000,000.00 per year. AT&T has chimed in more recently, with the rather startling figure of a $1 billion write-off to taxes to cover Obamacre care. Does anyone suppose that that’s not going to affect jobs? Others reporting similar write-offs to taxes as a result of Obamacre are Verizon, Deere,  Boeing, etc etc. Now, of course,  these people are following the law.  They are reporting to their stockholders, the kinds of projections that they are getting out of their financial people.  That is the law. If they don’t report this, then the Securities and Exchange Commission goes after them for not properly reporting to their stockholders the risks involved and the company’s financial future.
    What has happened here, is that the people who pushed socialist health care, lied to you.  Perhaps some of the more stupid who actually voted for this thing were lied to, as well.  They are either evil, or incompetent.  There’s no middle road here.
    So, how do the Democrat party respond?  By calling an inquisition.  In front of (ready?) Waxman and Stupak.  Yes, America, the very same.
    You see, we were supposed to think that this thing was completely benign. We wouldn’t see any massive tax increases out of this, it wouldn’t hurt jobs, it wouldn’t hurt productivity, it wouldn’t hurt your wallet.  But now all these companies are coming out of the woodwork and following the law and reporting to their stockholders the kind of cost that this thing is going to impair less with, and the democrats are having a fit.  Why?  Simply put they’ve been caught out in a lie.  I’ll tell you this; my first instinct is that the company’s being called up before Weitzman and Stupak for their little inquisition should tell the both of them to get it out of the sunshine.  That said, they probably won’t.  But I do hope that they don’t cave in on this thing.  That they correctly report the amount of costs that the democrats have settled us all with.  That they properly report, what a job killer Obamacare really is. I note Limbaugh, yesterday:

    Rush Limbaugh

    I’d like to give some advice to these companies who reported, as required by law, the impact of Obamacare on the bottom line.  Learn from the oil companies the last time they were attacked by Congress and fire back with both barrels.  Learn from the Republicans at the propaganda summit at the Blair House.  They didn’t sit there and take it.  Come prepared.  Leave as heroes.  Be clear and honest and firm because you will be embraced by the country and you will embarrass Congress, which has the lowest approval ratings in its history.  Take full advantage of this.  This is not a popular Congress, and Waxman epitomizes the old lore that politics is show biz for the ugly.  Certainly nobody loves Henry Waxman.  I know people that are hauled before these committees get scared to death.  I mean these guys can write laws to put ’em out of business, as the health care bill actually will accomplish when talking about the private insurance business.  But I think that the Democrats, politically speaking, if the pressure is kept on, are quickly approaching, in a political sense, room temperature here.  It’s a great opportunity.  It needs to be seen as a great opportunity.  Don’t back down, CEOs.  Don’t be like the auto company CEOs and go up there and grovel, look what happened to them.

    Embarrass these leftists.  Set your company free.  November is not that far away.  This Congress is not going to be in charge for long.  Don’t treat them as they view themselves.  Obama, if you want to understand Obama, everything will fall in place if you just understand that he views himself as a ruler, not as a president, and so do the Democrats on Capitol Hill and Congress and the Senate.  They view themselves as permanent rulers.  They are historically unpopular stewards working on borrowed time.  They occupy a reserved space in The Universe of Lies.  And that Universe of Lies will shrink if Americans tell the truth and don’t fall victim to intimidation tactics of these kind of thugs. “The CEOs of some of the country’s biggest companies are being summoned to Washington to defend claims that the health care reform law would cost them millions — a move Republicans say amounts to intimidation. Democratic Rep. Henry Waxman, chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, on Friday fired off letters to the heads of Caterpillar, Verizon, AT&T and Deere after they and other firms reported that the health care overhaul would dig deep into their bottom lines. … Waxman, in his letters, called these estimates a ‘matter of concern’ and said they ‘appear to conflict with independent analyses’ showing the law would lead to a decrease in premium costs for large companies.  Waxman called the CEOs to Washington to testify at an April 21 hearing and requested full documentation from the firms detailing how they arrived at their estimates.”

    elsewhere in the day, Limbaugh called this move “Stalinist”.  He’s not at all incorrect about that.  So much of what the Democrats have come up with Can be correctly labeled as Stalinist , that one could logically wonder if there is in fact any separation between the two.  You’re going to hear a lot of charges over the next several days about how all this is a republican plot to spoil the victory of the Democrats in health care.  They’re royally pissed about being exposed to reality. The biggest problem that the democrats have right now is that these corporations actually have to report these things, their entire accounting procedure, and how they arrive at those figures, which is totally unlike what the Democrats did in the process of coming up with their Obamacare numbers.

  • UNEMPLOYMENT: Our unemployment on a national basis, now stands at 20%. ladies and gentlemen of America, let me be among the first to welcome you to what is euphemistically referred to as “hope and change”  (And no, forget what the leftist press is reporting. Ask the people, not the government.
  • GOOD FRIDAY: Today, by tradition, is the day when Jesus Christ was crucified. It’s called Good Friday of course, not because that what happened to Christ was particularly good, but because of what resulted from it.

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