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Breakfast Scramble

DavidL's Breakfast Scramble
The ears are already falling off of Dumbo Care. The Dim Won wants to fix anthropogenic global warming and the evils of capitalism.  Before we give Barack Obama more carte blanch power, we ought to demand that the Obami demonstrate some competency.  Having already wrecked the economy and wrecking health care, they need keep their greedy mitts off Wall Street and energy,from Grace-Marie Turner, National Review [1], via Glenn Reynolds, Instapundit [2]:

Not one of its major programs has gotten started, and already the wheels are starting to come off of Obamacare.  The administration’s own actuary reported on Thursday that millions of people could lose their health [3] insurance, that health-care costs will rise faster than they would have if the law hadn’t passed, and that the overhaul will mean that people will have a harder and harder time finding physicians to see them.

Yes we can, beat the jihadists and throw the rats out, video:

Hat tip: Rich, Wizbang [4].