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Two Americas, Fred Barnes,Weekly Standard:

John Edwards was right. There are two Americas, just not his two (the rich and powerful versus everyone else). The real divide today is, on one side, the 20 million people who work for state and local governments and the additional 3 million who’ve retired with fat pensions. On the other, the rest of us, roughly 280 million Americans. In short, there’s a gulf between the bureaucrats and the people.

The coming battle is not between the haves and the have nots, but rather the wills and the will nots.

Mock Mohammad Day, May Twentieth has been designed “”Everybody Draw Mohammed Day.”   Allah Pundit, Hot Air, likes the idea:

Cue the predictable media squealing that “you’ll only antagonize them!”  Antagonism, actually, is an idea straight out of the Hirsi Ali playbook: Her point to Anderson Cooper in the clip I posted earlier was that only by sharing the risk of retaliation for blasphemy can the public help protect her, Parker, Stone and other insolent infidels.  If each threat produces more blasphemers than it silences, then threats suddenly become counterproductive.  Or at least, they do to rational minds.  (A flaw in the theory?)

Professor Althouse does not:

[L]et me say that I disapprove of “Everybody Draw Mohammed” Day, which he seems to be promoting. (Hot Air, Dan Savage, and Reason are actively delighted by the idea.)

I have endless contempt for the threats/warnings against various cartoonists who draw Muhammad (or a man in a bear suit who might be Muhammad, but is actually Santa Claus). But depictions of Muhammad offend millions of Muslims who are no part of the violent threats

Maddy Albright once opined that killing an estimated half million children in Iran was a fair price to pay to support B.J. Clinton’s sanctions.   If Albright can live with killing half million children, I can live with the idea of offending several hundred decent Muslims.   Can you?

Gone with the Wind, twenty minute version.   If spent four hours watching Gone with the Wind, you saved three hours and forty minutes.    Fausta has the short version.   Alas no Clark Gable.

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