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The Day Obama Care died. Barack Obama does not care about anybody except himself and he doesn’t hide it.

What pay gap? Christina Hoff Sommers, American:

The claim that American women as a group face systemic wage discrimination is groundless.

Today is Equal Pay Day. Feminist groups and political leaders have set aside this day to protest the fact that women’s wages are, on average, 78 percent of men’s wages.


Excuse me for interrupting, but this holiday has no basis in reality. Even feminist economists acknowledge that today’s pay disparities are almost entirely the result of women’s different life choices—what they study in school, where they work, and how they balance home and career. This is not to deny that some employers will try to pay Jill 78 cents and Jack $1.00 for an identical job. But our strict laws give Jill the right to take that employer to court. The claim that American women as a group face systemic wage discrimination is groundless.

Blogging Heaven, Bookworm Room:

UPDATE:  Welcome, Instapundit readers!  As you may know, for a conservative blogger, being Instalanched is pretty much the blogging equivalent of going straight to Heaven, without any stops in between.

UPDATE II:  Is it too late to say welcome to Rush Limbaugh listeners?  Ironically, I was away from my computer while this whole excitement was going on, and never got the chance to say hello.  I’m back now, and I’m still pretty darn excited.  I hope those of you who stopped by come and visit again

There is a reward for good blogging.

None dare call this freedom, video:

Hat tip: Fausta.

Allah Pundit, Hot Air asks:

We certainly don’t want to accuse a president who’s peeved at gay-rights protesters and who’s known for excluding the media from traditional press opportunities of quashing unfavorable coverage without good reason.

Exit question: On a scale of one to 10, where would this rate on the Crushing-of-Dissent-o-meter if it had happened under Bush? (Exit answer: Eight!)

IT quite obvious that Dumbo, a/k/a Dim Won, b/k/a Barack Obama has large ears,  a slow brain and thin skin,

Mrs. Clinton defends protest, video:

Hat tip: Nice Deb

Mrs. Clinton is short, shrill and stupid, but even the “Smartest Woman in the World’ can’t be wrong all the time.


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