DavidL's Breakfast Scramble
I Won blind to Tea Party grievances, Brit Hume, Fox News:

The president says the Tea Partiers ought to thank him because many if not most of them got a tax break courtesy of his stimulus package. In his condescension, the president seems not to grasp that the Tea Partiers see the mountains of debt piling up under this president and Congress as a threat not only to their own prosperity but even more so to their children and grandchildren’s. They see huge tax increases ahead and who can blame them

Maybe everybody in the Tea Party should change their name to Hussein and start toting Koran so thet the Dim Won will take them seriously.

Bitsblog  Echo Syndrome(BES),  no I will not take credit for this.  Howsomeever, I find the narrative amusing, from Mickey Kaus:

Do Obama and Boxer realize they are on the wrong side of a tsunami of voter discontent with a government run by and for the public employee union?

They smarter, more articulate and blacker than Keith Olbermann, from Reason TV:


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