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It must be open season for the Obami.  Bill Kristol joins Sarah in the newest inside the beltway sport, making sport of the Dim Won, transcript:

I think I know, even though I’m not a nuclear expert, that Iran’s getting nuclear weapons is a heck of a lot more important than these paper treaties and these 46 nation conferences and the president is doing nothing from stopping Iran from getting nuclear weapons. That is the bottom line. That dwarfs everything else from happening…

Let me just read one thing he said Friday morning, “You know the history of the Iranian regime like the North Korean regime is, you know, you apply international pressure on these countries. Sometimes they choose to change behavior, sometimes they don’t.” …Que Sera, Sera. You do your best. You get these four Security Council resolutions and then they go ahead and get nuclear weapons. The president’s attitude is “Hmph.”


Hat tip Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit.

Janet Napolitano , calls your office. AP:

NEW ORLEANS — Evoking the memory of Hurricane Katrina, Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour is telling Republicans that the policies of President Barack Obama and other Democrats are a “man-made disaster.”

Haley Barbour didn’t coin the phrase, but he uses for more aptly than the Obama witted Napolitano.

It is not Obami policy to arrest Muslims, Doug Giles, Townhall:

So you heard about the dipstick diplomat from Qatar firing up on a plane, but you didn’t hear about the three Muslims shooting at gays in the Bay area, you say? Well, that’s really weird. I wonder why most of you missed that? Oh, I remember: It’s because the Deranged Stream Media buries and/or severely downplays stories about Islamic whack jobs as well as flag-burning liberal protesters and skewers only those on the right, right? Here’s the untold story.

I wonder if the militant gay community is going raise Cain about these three Muslim cats going out and strafing their buddies because you know they would get righteously irate if three Pentecostal youth ministers were the culprits. But don’t hold your breath, folks

Nor is it MSM to offend Muslim sensibilities.   Now if we could only convince the media the  camel jockeys were just the Fred Phelps gang in towels.

No Chic’s need apply, Taylor Marsh looks over the presidential timber, post Obama and sees no liberal women:

If Hillary, Liz and Sarah are any representation, and they’re the leading women on the scene right now, even understanding that Hillary Rodham Clinton is out of politics for good. What we’re headed for in the future is a woman acting like a man as president. But women can’t simply mimic men, talk like them, manufacture machismo in order to effect change on national security and diplomacy, and hope to win the presidency and make the first female president matter by leading differently than her male counterpart might.

So, if we get a Liz or Sarah, what’s the big deal about having the first female president some day? That goes double because the left has no anti-Sarah/Liz. At this rate, the way these three talk on national security, I’d say it would be a wash.

I agree with Ms Marsh that politics and competency should trump sex.   I disagree with Ms Marsh that women need to talk like men to be taken seriously.   Mrs. Clinton was doing the Sunday Morning talk show circuit to redact the Obami nuclear policy to better reflect the views of Mrs. Palin and the American People.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit sums Mrs. Palin and the Obami:

Moose Hunter Bags Community Organizer… Obama Retreats on Nuke Plan
Obama Care myths exposed, John Dale Dunn, MD, American Thinker:
I learned the hard way that human nature is the biggest obstacle to cutting health care costs. President Obama is not the first chief executive to foist onto us an unrealistic medical reform.

I left Nebraska to become Medical Director of a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) in Louisiana in 1980. I believed the myths of managed care promoted by the smart guys. Health insurance premiums were spiraling up, and business and industry were concerned. People wanted good insurance cheap. Managed care was the answer.

You don’t see Obama mandating Obama Care for his family.

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