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Henry Waxman is the new Ken Lay.  It has  been said the an honest man has nothing to fear.  The demorats are sweating bullets.   The Obami fear, honest accounting, from the Washington Examiner

Dems fear honest Obamacare accounting

Remember the Enron scandal in 2001, which drove a bipartisan majority in Congress to demand far-reaching reforms in corporate accounting? Democrats have discovered this week that maybe they can’t handle the truth — at least not when it exposes the real economic effect of Obamacare on private sector companies large and small.

Obama economy bleeds jobs, Conor Dougherty and Jeff Bater, Wall Street Journal:

A survey of private employers shows they shed 23,000 jobs in March in a sign that the labor market remains a mixed bag in an economy that’s otherwise growing again.

The private-employer report came two days before the Labor Department issues its own, broader job report and the negative number came as a disappointment to many who were expecting both measures to mark a turning point into positive territory.

The Labor Department’s report, which is still expected to show job gains, includes government workers and is influenced by factors that don’t show up in the survey released Wednesday by payroll

The private sector shrinks while the public sector expands.   Sound like a plan to me.

Hat tip:  Glenn Reynolds, Instapundit.

Obama still palling around with terrorist. Sarah was right.  Obama did pal ar9und with terrorist, like Bill Ayers.   Nothing has changed.  Ok Jodie Evans, a/k/a Code Pink, is cuter than Bill Ayers and not quite as violent.   However Evan is a terrorists,  she preaches violent protest, and she is Obama’s political ally and supporter, from Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit.

Mike Nifong, redux; Ann Althouse:

A 15-year-old girl kills herself, and 9 of her classmates are arrested on various charges… but what did they do?

Of course, it’s terrible when a young person commits suicide. And a suicide may have chosen self-murder because of the bad relationships in her environment. But if we don’t favor arresting people who are very mean to people who don’t commit suicide, why would we favor these arrests when someone does commit suicide

I don’t see the problem.  If  Phoebe Prince had been but pregnant and willfully chosen to kill her unborn child, the liberals would be applauding her decision.   Iif Prince was old enough to legally  choose to kill another person, then surly she was old enough to freely choose to kill herself, as regrettable  as her decision was.   Suicide is not a problem.  It is a choice.  If you don’t like the choice, don’t make it.  End of problem.

Comedy Gold:  Intolerance of dissent is fascism Evan Coyne Maloney takes a “Trip Down Memory Lane”, video:

“We will have come and kill somebody I quess.”  Imagine Rugene Robinson’s outrage if a right winger had but said that.

Hat tip: Good Lt., Jawa Report.

Ramble Back, Eric:

CONSERVATIVE LEADER? Speaking of Saint Andrew, he notes Erick Ericson of Red State making a rough transition to the world of the lamestream media.

I find it amusing, and revealing, that the left gets upset when Erick Ericson makes valid commentary, albeit it in less than complimentary language, but mutters nary a word when the Reverend Al Sharpton makes a career or telling lies.  Sharpton lied about Tawana Brawley being raped and lied about John Lewis being called a nigger.

As for Ericson, I suspect that a large plate of crow part of his deal with CNN.

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