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The Problem Continues…

The problem still hasn’t been solved.  Some time a go, I wrote a piece about President Obama’s biggest concern.  At least, it should be his biggest concern, because if this particular issue is not addressed, it will go well for Republicans in November, and again in November 2012.

It’s been three days since the “historic” “landmark” legislation socializing the health care industry.  Much has been written about it already.  My objective today is to address economic issues, and the elephant in the room that gets little attention is…drumroll, please…Jobs!

That’s right, employment is the key to the whole ball of wax.  President Obama and his minions just created a tremendous amount of uncertainty.  When there is uncertainty, employers conserve resources.  When they conserve resources, they tend to forgo filling positions.  In addition, tax rates in Medicaid and capital gains were increased, creating a further drag on economic growth, spending, and as a result, aggregate demand.  And right now, the economy needs aggregate demand to create jobs.

So with the real unemployment rate hovering around 17%, it may not seem like such a good idea to act in such as way as to dampen economic growth.  We hear a lot from this president.  He may be the most verbose President in the last 50 years (where is Silent Cal when you need him?), and he talks a good game about jobs.  But the reality is, everything he has implemented or proposed is a job-killer.  And that is a record that any Republican could easily run against.