Still in Dallas while the truck goes through some repairs. Some added comments on the world around us today, in Ramble format::

  • CUT IT OUT: How can any honest assessment of the founding of these United States, leave out Thomas Jefferson?
  • POT TO KETTLE: Howell Rains should perhaps recall just why it is that he is the FORMER Editor  of the New York Times…. his lack of editorial and personal honesty, as well as that of his staffers including Jayson Blair..  His calling the honesty of Roger Ailes into question wraps my Irony meter around the pin four or five times. This editorial is obviously an attempt to get himself bac in the good graces of the leftist press in which he was so very prominent. Check the comments of “This ain’t Hell….”
  • REID’S WIFE: Is it possible that Harry Reid’s wife was driving with her head up her ass? Why is it assumed almost out of hand that the truck driver is at fault?
  • COFFEE I commented earlier today about the Coffee Party. Here’s a link on that point.

I’ll be back to my base of Springfield, OH on or about the 22nd of this month, and will be getting home soon after.  After re-establishing myself in the house, I’ll be getting a laptop computer so as to prevent this blogus interuptus nonsense from happening again.

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