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  • HANNAH AND THE ACORNers: Hannah Giles files a kick in the butt for ACORN as they slither away. I’ve said it for years all that’s needed to keep this kind of thing in check is serious investigation. Something the leftist press refuses to do.

    Who’s the guy assigned to keep Obama’s ego in check?

    The American Voter, Mickey. He’s the only one big enough to check that big an ego.

  • JAMES AND THE FIOA: Al Gore’s longtime “adviser” .. James Hansen… with his taxpayer funded job, apparently doesn’t like that the public has a right to know. Chris Horner explains.
  • KIM JUNG REALLY ILL: The little gargoyle running North Korea has chronic kidney failure. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving despot.
  • HOPE AND CHANGE: New home sales are at record lows.
  • MAYBE HERE”S THE REASON: Americans in overwhelming numbers think Obama policies are pushing our nation to an economic collapse.
  • CHINA IS STILL AT IT: We’re still getting cyber attacks from China.
  • UNICEF BOYCOTTS ISRAEL? Apparently so. Why are we still supporting UNICEF?
  • GO FOR IT, ANN! So the left wing thugs were out in force trying to shut down all discu
    Ann Coulter

    Ann Coulter

    ssion… why? Because Ann Coulter was to speak. Stacy’s got a lot on this one. I gather from a few sources she’s filed a hate crime complaint. Using their own tools against them. Cute.

  • DO I CALL THIS STUFF? The eye pointed out yesterday that the history ofthe thing is that there has never been an entitlement that the Republicans have overturned.  On that history, I made a prediction that they probably were going to overturn health care either.  Not in total, and certainly not as being bandied about by many on the right just now.  As if I’m few, along comes Cornyn, as reported by the Huff  & Puff saying that the Republicans wouldn’t be going for a repeal of all the health care that Obama has inflicted on us.  Of course, this is cause for no small amount of celebration on the left side of the sphere.  The argument about this now appears to center around whether not his comments were taken out of context. I agree that’s plausible.  You’ll pardon me if I’m less than optimistic about Healthcare being repealed.  Frankly, I think the republicans would do very well to make this thing a central issue.  Promises, in “Contract with America” style to eliminate this monster that Obama has foisted off on us.  It’s my view the republicans would win hands down.  But they won’t risk such a move, and I suspect it’s because they don’t really believe in moving us away from the socialism recently inflicted on us. And of course they’re so afraid that they won’t be seen as “being bipartisan’.  it’s too bad that the majority of them haven’t learned the lesson from 2008, these of the the presidential candidacy of John McCain, who was famous for doing such.

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