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From The Road…..

Hello from Colton, California.

I know I’ve not written much lately It’s been a challange keeping my batteries charged and writing on this thing takes lots of juice.

As of today I am perhaps 8 to 10 days from becoming a full-fledged truck driver for the company. I am told my training is going well. So, I’m very pleased.

I drove here from Sky City NM, where we visited again last night.  In case you don’t have your map handy, that’s q straight shot down I-40, of about 600 miles.

Entering California from Arizona is rather like entering a third world country… Arizona and New Mexiso highways are well kept an a pleasure to drive. On hitting the California line on I-40, your first impression of the roads is that they’d be better if they were not paved. Then there’s the guard shack at the border.  Then therels the 55 llimit for trucks. Yes, I understand that they have financial problems, But…sheesh.

The truck itself is a 2007 Volvo, with about a half million miles on it. It does show signs of wear, but is a very comfortable rig to drive and live in. In many ways it handles like a big RV. Yes there is the matter of that 53 foot long 13.6ft high, 45000 lb monster behind you but I’ve gotten used to it.

I’m grabbing pics and I promise they’ll be posted at Bitsblog when I get home. You can always check my Facebook profile where I’ll be posting a few of them as I have time.

This trip has made me appriciate more than ever my wife and my two boys.  This seperation from them has made me attend how very much they mean to me.  Oddly enough, the last time I was seperated from Donna for an extended period was the last time I visited the LA basin.  The internet age with it’s smart phones and such have made such travels.. such seperations… easier to bear certainly… and this cell phone I’m writing this post on has in it’s way become a lifeline for all that. But there are some things that electronic communication cannot accomplish and this seperation is causing me to re-examine it’s limits.