(Irving TX)– We’re in the shop for some minor repairs, andI ran into another driver who was nice enough to allow me to use his laptop.

A few casual observations of the world around me:

  • Eric Massa:Yeah, I said to Donna the moment his resignation started breaking  that there was some hint of scandal going on and that it was being driven by the Wite House and it’s pursuit of Obamacare.  That observation seems to me well confirmed when I see the usual left wing crazies attacking Massa… and digging up anything they can to attach him to homosexual beavior. I note Lan Colmes has spent the last several nights on his radio show sliming Massa with inuendo. Now, given that were we on the right  talking that way about, say, Saint Andrew The Incontinant Sullivan, as an offhand example, these same left wing voices would be calling us homophobes, it seems safe to assume that there is in fact political motivations involved in the left’s attacks on Massa today. Just ask Jim Trafficant, folks… the pattern’s the same. Support from the party… regardless of any crimes involved,  only lasts as long as the individual is willing to tow the party line.
  • BIG This country is much larger physically than most people know… and I say you can’t really get a handle on that till you drive across it.

More as I get time and bandwith.

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