Professor Althouse wraps her hand around the problem with Attorney General Eric Holder:

Holder, with 9 years to meditate on the right way to deal with the situation, assures us that bin Laden will not be taken alive. What has brought Holder to this heated state of mind? Not the death of thousands of Americans. The threat to his political prestige. It gets his “blood boiling” that he is attacked. The fact that we were attacked did not loom large when he decided to try KSM in federal court New York City.

George W.Bush was called a cowboy for wanting Usama bin Laden “dead or alive.”   Holder wants bin Laden dead or dead.    Holder can’t bring himself to put the nation’s security ahead of his vanity.

Hat tip:   Glenn Reynolds, Instapundit.

The dim one made a mistake when he delegated the war on terror, or whatever the Obami call it, out to his attorney general.

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