What is the value of a diploma?   It is not what the issuing institution, nor the recipient feel it is worth.  Rather a diploma is worth as much as a prospective employer perceives it to be worth.   So how much is any diploma from the Detroit Public Schools worth?   From the Hinterland Gazette:

Otis Mathis, president of Detroit’s school board, who oversees the academic lives of 90,000 public school students, has made a shocking admission — he can’t write a coherent sentence

Otis Mathis is both a product of, and head of, the Detroit Public School system.   Yet by Mathis’ own admission, and by documented example,  he can not write a coherent sentence.   So what is a diploma issued by Mathis’ school system worth?   Nothing.   Mathis was issued a diploma by the Detroit Public School system despite the fact that Mathis can not write coherently.  Mathis is not literate.

In other words, Mathis’ diploma is not a credible document reflecting education achievement.   As the DPS credentialed Mathis to get him out the door, does any employer have any reason to believe any diploma issued by the Detroit public schools reflects any educational achievement.   It is little wonder Detroit is an economic wasteland.

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