DavidL's Breakfast Scramble
Israel attacked, from Haaretz:

A Qassam rocket fired from the Gaza Strip struck an open field in a kibbutz near Ashkelon on Sunday, just three days after a foreign worker was killed by a rocket in the northern Negev.

There were no casualties or damages reported in the attack on Sunday

No reason to expect anything other than stone cold silence from the Obama White House and Mrs. Clinton’s State Department.    Let me see, housing for Jews, evil.   Attacks on Jews, benign.  Did I miss anything?

Obama Care is pro-abortions, Robert Stacy McCain.   A vote for a democrats is a vote to kill unborn human beings.

Obama’s phony executive order, Andy McCarthy, National Review:

So what could the White House possibly give Stupak that would not be thrown out by any federal judge in a second?

Looking at the executive order (which you can read here), the answer is clearly nothing. The executive order quite literally does nothing that the Senate bill does not already do, and it is careful to say as much.

IF Obama purports that an executive order can over ride statutory law, he is either a poor lawyer or simply a liar.  What say you?

Daily Koz in melt-down mode, from Hill Buzz:

Kos is a very nasty, rotten place, but we got a tip they were in full-on pants-wetting meltdown mode over “Motions to Recommit” and wanted to know what the fuss was about

Hat tip:  Smitty, Other McCain.   Smitty might be the best second banana since Ed McMahon

Wind farms, much hot air, little energy, from Fiona Macrae, Mail(UK)

Some of Britain’s most beautiful landscapes have been blighted by wind farms for only small returns in energy, research shows.

The analysis of power output found that more than 20 wind farms are operating at less than one-fifth of their full capacity.

Experts say many turbines are going up on sites that are simply not breezy enough.

They also accuse developers of ‘grossly exaggerating’ the amount of energy they will generate in order to get their hands on subsidies designed to boost the production of green power.

With all the hot air coming out of Washington, wind farms might work there.

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