DavidL's Breakfast Scramble
White House flood of misinformation, Ramesh Ponnuru, National Review:

Talking Points Memo, living up to its name, is providing the White House’s talking points on health care. Obamacare is to be voted on amid a final orgy of misinformation.

Are the Obami sane? Israel announces plans to build new housing in her capital.  The Obama administration response was just short of  a preemptive missile attack.     Whereas the Chicom, declare a trade war and call the president a moron, the Obami response, from Charles Lane, Washington Post:

The Obama administration’s response? Officials look forward to “an open channel of communication…and fostering a good bilateral relationship,” a State Department spokesman told the Wall Street Journal.

Turning the lights off in the Paterson Administration, WHEC-TV:

Gov. David Paterson’s press secretary is resigning, making her the fourth top staffer to resign amid scandals that threaten the administration.

Press Secretary Marissa Shorenstein says she is resigning because her reported role in a recent scandal makes her unable to do her job effectively.

Will the last person to leave the Paterson Administration please turn off the lights.

Jack Cafferty calls Mrs Pelosi sleazy, video:

Hat tip: Glenn Reynolds, Instrapundit.

Chrissy Matthews condemns Slaughter Rule, video:

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Mark it down.  I will not agree with Chrissy very often.

Obama’s Gettysburg Address, Paul Bedard, US News:

One town is already banking on President Obama’s re-election: Gettysburg, Pa. Looking ahead to July 2013, organizers of the 150th anniversary of the decisive three-day clash between Union and Confederate forces have extended an invitation for Obama to deliver his own Gettysburg address, we hear. “That would be really cool,” says Gettysburg Convention and Visitors Bureau President Norris Flowers. “I expect that.”

Somehow I doubt that all the teleprompters in the world could get the vain one to celebrate a new birth of freedom.

Eve Ensler loser, Laura Rozen, Politico:

Netanyahu, meanwhile, is due to speak at the annual AIPAC policy conference in Washington on Monday. He’s then due to meet with Jewish Congress members, including Berman, on Tuesday, when he’s likely to get an earful of tough talk behind closed doors from members who share Berman’s sympathy with the Obama administration that months of American diplomatic heavy-lifting to try to get peace talks relaunched were knocked down so casually by the Israeli government’s East Jerusalem housing announcement. And he’s likely to find little patience from many of them for his excuses, and more stern urging that he does what he has to do to make sure it doesn’t happen again

Get real.  If the Obami’s so-called “peace process” is so fragile it can be knocked down by a mere housing project?  There was no heavy-lifting and there was no peace project   You can not have two states living side by side in peace when one of the states does not recognize the other state’s right to exist.

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