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Obamafada? William A. Jacobson, Legal Insurrection:

Obama’s desire to bring Israel down may spark another intifada, as Palestinians (both Hamas and the PA) are emboldened to consummate their plans to spark a crisis over false allegations that Israel plans to destoy the Al-Aqsa mosque

Eric Cartman is the new Archie Bunker, Fox:

NEW YORK – Golf clubs in hands or not, the kids of “South Park” are ready to take on Tiger Woods.

Creators of the Comedy Central cartoon have long since proven that no subject is sacred to them. So for the opening of its 14th season on Wednesday, the troubled golfer encounters Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman in their animated Colorado town.

More to the point, South Park is the new All in the Family, where no ox is too sacred to gore.

He’s the Great Reneger, video:

Hat tip:  Rick, Wizbang.

Will the Platters ever sound the same again?

How that health care prop working for ya, Barack?,  Jim Hoft,  Gateway Pundit:

President Barack Obama is introduced by Connie Anderson, sister of cancer patient Natoma Canfield, who wrote the president saying she gave up her health insurance after it rose, prior to speaking about health care reform, Monday, March 15, 2010, at the Walter F. Ehrnfelt Recreation and Senior Center in Strongsville, Ohio. (AP/Charles Dharapak)

Barack Obama came to Ohio today to prop Natoma up on stage with him. But, Natoma Canfield couldn’t make it. She is back in the hospital. (Our prayers for a quick recovery) She is getting cared for despite the fact that she has no insurance. She’s not out on the street. She’s not a statistic like Rep Alan Grayson would have you believe. Natoma is getting the care she needs. Her sister met with Barack Obama instead

Note, Natoma Canfield is being treated by a system which Obama wants to scrap.   His proposed would have Canfield dead.  She got diagnosed with breast cancer at thirty-four.  The Obami don’t want to screen for breast cancer till age fifty.

Change Jew can believe in? From Roger L. Simon, Pajamas Media:

Is the Jewish love affair with the Democratic Party about to end?

For all of my looooong life, the Jews have been so deep in the pocket of the Democratic Party it would make Chris Matthews blush. Maybe… just maybe… (I know old habits die hard)…. thanks to Barack Obama, that is about to end. The well-put lede from this morning’s WSJ opinion piece details the situation:

Hat tip:  Glenn Reynolds, Instapundit.

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