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Standing up to the abortion industry, Glenn Reynolds, Instapundit:

IN KNOXVILLE, black pastors complain about abortions. You don’t see this kind of thing much.

Maybe you should.  Planned Parenthood’s business is killing babies and they move in a a black neighborhood in order to kill black babies.

How will the Obama administration react to a compliant of civil rights violation in South Philadelphia schools? From Abigail Thernstrom and Tim Fay.  American:

Will the Obama administration act aggressively to ensure Asian rights to a public education free of intimidation and actual violence—surely a basic civil right? Or will such action be taken only when blacks are the victims rather than the perpetrators? If the administration acts in the interest of the Asians, black students will be singled out as racially hostile troublemakers—a conclusion that neither the Department of Education nor the DOJ will welcome, if Duncan’s announcement means what it says

I won gets another opportunity to be the post-racial president he promised to be.    Can Obama live up to his own standards?

MSM finally catching up to Toyota hoax, Joseph Rhee and Mark Schone, ABC News:

James Sikes said that the accelerator on his 2008 Prius somehow got stuck during the half-hour March 8 incident, and that he could only stop the car, which reached a top speed of 94 mph, by applying the brakes and his emergency brake.

But investigators who test drove the car said that what Sikes described should have resulted in the car shutting down, according to a memo drafted by a Congressional observer and provided to ABC News by a source close to the investigation

The Obami continue to be stuck on stupid, by Herb Herb Keinon and Leila Krieger.   Jerusalem Post:

The Obama administration refused to let go of the Ramat Shlomo construction controversy Sunday, with two top aides to US President Barack Obama slamming Israel amid a growing sense in Jerusalem that Washington was using the issue to squeeze diplomatic concessions from Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

If the Obama administration truly seeks peace it should not seek to roll back apartment buildings in Jerusalem but rather nukes in Iran.   That is if the Obami want peace in the Middle East.

If we treated health insurance like auto insurance:, Ethel C. Fenig, American Thinker:

Ms House Speaker, when these children became teen agers and you let them drive, did you notice that because of the preexisting condition of male hormones and age the cost of your sons’ auto insurance was much higher than that of your daughters’? Did you complain then about “preexisting conditions” or acknowledge that male adolescents unfortunately have a horrible auto safety record? Perhaps you even used the battering ram of insurance discounts for students with better grades to get your kids to study harder because statistically students with A’s and B’s tend to be better drivers. Or did you complain about discrimination against boys who didn’t do as well in school? Or did you complain about age discrimination as auto insurance rates generally decrease after 25? Aging is a preexisting condition also.

Is we treated auto insurance the way Mrs. Pelosi proposes to treat health insurance, nobody could afford to, or dare to, drive.

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