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Dan Riehls the Left, Riehl World View:

Isn’t It Time To Euthanize Reid’s Wife?

I’m not sure I quite understand this, given that cost is so important as a burden to taxpayers when it comes to health care. If Democrats want so badly to abort babies because of it, why are we bothering with someone who has a broken neck and back at 69? It sounds to me like she’s pretty well used up and has probably been living off the taxpayers for plenty of years to begin with. Aren’t we at least going to get a vote on it?

Dirty Harry Reid and Mrs. Pelosi favor killing unborn human beings to reduce health care costs.  Dan has enraged the leftosphere.   But so far, I have found no blogger who can explain pt defend the democrat’s double standard.   Why is important for some people to die in order to save money, but not others?

The Toyota Hoax, Michael Fumento, Forbes:

Over a 23-minute period the 911 dispatcher repeatedly pleaded with Sikes to shift into neutral. He simply refused and then essentially stopped talking to her except to say that he thought he could smell his brakes burning.

“I thought about” shifting into neutral, Sikes said at a televised press conference the day after the incident. But “I had never played with this kind of a transmission, especially when you’re driving and I was actually afraid to do that.” Sikes, who has driven the car for two years, also said “I figured if I knocked it over [the gear knob] the car might flip.”

The problem has been found with the Toyota accelerators.  It is a loose nut between the driver’s ears.

Goring the Preventive Medicine Ox,

CHICAGO (AP) – Too much cancer screening, too many heart tests, too many cesarean sections. A spate of recent reports suggests that many Americans are being overtreated. Maybe even President Barack Obama, champion of an overhaul and cost-cutting of the health care system.


Americans, including the commander in chief, need to realize that “more care is not necessarily better care,” wrote cardiologist Dr. Rita Redberg, editor of Archives of Internal Medicine. She was commenting on Obama’s recent physical.

Goring Junk Science Lawyers,  Maggie Fox:

WASHINGTON, March 12 (Reuters) – Vaccines that contain a mercury-based preservative called thimerosal cannot cause autism on their own, a special U.S. court ruled on Friday, dealing one more blow to parents seeking to blame vaccines for their children’s illness.


  • One, strongly held belief does not constitute proof.
  • Two, the fact the A happened, the B happened,  does not prove that A caused B.

How’s that Coffee Party working out for ya, Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:

BIG FAIL. St. Louis Libs Hold Coffee Party – 30 People Show Up

On Wednesday morning, 2,225 patriots turned out at the “Kill the Bill” rally in St. Charles, Missouri.

They were expecting 600…… But, 2,225 turned out.

Have a good one.

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