DavidL's Breakfast Scramble
Go for it Liz, from Alex Spillius, Telegraph(UK):

Ms Cheney is now reportedly contemplating a run for office herself either in Virginia, where she was raised, or in Wyoming, her parents’ home state.

Don’t be too quick to rule out the Empire State.  There are several potential openings.

The Backasswards Mrs.Pelosi,  David Freddoso, Washington Examiner, quoting Mrs. Pelosi on why to pass Obama Care:

“But we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it, away from the fog of the controversy.”

Intelligence Americans want to read the bill before it is enacted.   Then has the bill even been written yet?

United States Senate libels Matt Drudge. Fox News:

The Senate’s official gatekeeper, said the Drudge Report, a conservative news aggregator, and whitepages.com “are responsible for the many viruses popping up throughout the Senate,” according to an e-mail to the Environment and Public Works Committee.


The Drudge Report noted that it served more than 29 million pages Monday without an e-mail complaint about “‘pop ups,’ or the site serving ‘viruses.'”

Any website serving up twenty-nine million hits a day,  which also was serving up viruses would be news.   And in turn

Drudge Mocks Congress:


TODAY: Obama pushing on health care end game (AP)

Last year:

July 28: Healthcare endgame on Capitol Hill (Reuters)

August 21: Analysis: Health care endgame near but uncertain (AP)

October 14: Senate, administration begin healthcare endgame as Dem leaders express unity (Hill)

October 25: Senators say health care bill endgame is in sight (Politico)

October 27: End Game: So When Will Health Care Really Happen? (TPM)

October 30: Health reform inches closer to endgame (WaPo)

November 23: The Health Care Endgame (NPR)

Dirty Harry should know better than to pick a fight with person who buys bandwidth by the truckload.

Seared, Seared into our minds, John Kass, Chicago Tribune:

A naked, wet and angry Rahm Emanuel?

That’s the last image Americans need in our minds right now.

But it’s been seared onto our brains — just like that weird wrestling scene from the movie “Borat” — thanks to former U.S. Rep. Eric Massa, D-N.Y., who resigned the other day amid allegations he sexually harassed male staffers

Err it seems more like the San Francisco way to me.

Mrs. Pelosi, why are you allowing this perv to run naked around the men’s locker room?

What did Rahm Emanuel know about Eric Massa’s perversions?   Massa’s peccadilloes were well known by the press and what can I say, under reported.   From Joshua Green, Atlantic:

According to Peter Clarke, a Navy shipmate, Massa was notorious for making unwanted advances toward subordinates. He tells the story of his friend Stuart Borsch, with whom Massa shared a hotel room while on leave during the first Gulf War. “Stuart’s at the edge of the bed,” Clarke says Borsch told him at the time, “and [Massa] starts massaging him. Massa said, ‘You’ll have to get one of my special massages.’ He called them ‘Massa Massages.'” Ron Moss, a Navy shipmate and Borsch’s roommate, confirmed that Borsch told him this story at the time.

Vetting in only for republicans.

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