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Fred Phelps and Phree Speech, ok Fred Phelps and his Westboro Baptist Church are loud vulgar, but political, bunch.   But if the First Amendment does not protect loud and vulgar political speech, what good is it.   From, Chris Weigant, Puffington Post:

As for the hate-filled speech Phelps offers up, unless the courts decide that it borders on obscenity or “fighting words,” Phelps will likely be allowed to continue. The history of religious fanatics in America is a long one, going back to some of our original settlers (whom we honor by eating a turkey every November). And as I said, the more offensive any speech is (even “religious” speech), the more it is in need of First Amendment protection.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m certainly not defending the utterly indefensible crackpot ravings of Phelps, on any level whatsoever. But, on free speech grounds, I must (distasteful as it is) defend his right to speak in a public place. Call me a First Amendment absolutist, if you will.

WTF, Over! St. Louis Business Journal

President Barack Obama plans to continue his push for healthcare reform in a speech Wednesday at St. Charles High School.

The address is scheduled for 3:50 p.m. and is invitation-only, according to the White House.

Hat tip:   Glenn Reynolds, Instapundit.

Al in Wonderland. Gina Miller, Dakota Voice:

I thought that Gore and his fellow members of the Church of Climate Change are the most audacious liars I’ve ever seen-because I can’t possibly bring myself to accept that they actually believe what they profess. I stopped counting the lies after a few paragraphs

This one is easy.  Not even Algore is stupid enough to believe in anthropogenic global warming.  Nobody who worshiped at the altar of AGW would live a mansion the size of small city block and fly arond the world in a private jet.

Where art thou Barack, Jackson Diehl, Washington Post:

I recently asked several senior administration officials, separately, to name a foreign leader with whom Barack Obama has forged a strong personal relationship during his first year in office. A lot of hemming and hawing ensued.

Eric Massa the Snake, Bob Lonsberry:

Eric Massa is a brilliant, audacious snake.

But he is still a snake.

Massa got more stories that I have socks.

Massa meltdown, video:

Again, don’t blame me.  I voted for Randy Kuhl.

Worst ever interview, William A. Jacobson, Legal Insurrection:

Glenn Beck’s just-concluded interview with Eric Massa.

Learned nothing.

Only thing concrete was that Massa is standing by his Rahm-in-the-shower incident.

So questions for Mrs. Polosi:

  • when were the shower curtains taken down in the men’s shower?
  • Were they also taken down in the ladies shower?
  • If not, why not?


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