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Obama Care is a polling disaster, from the Washington Post:

Overall, 46 percent of those polled said they support the changes in the new law; 50 percent oppose them. That is virtually identical to the pre-vote split on the proposals and similar to the divide that has existed since last summer, when the country became sharply polarized over the president’s most ambitious domestic initiative

Who’s the enemy? Funny we had the undie bomber in Detroit and the Muslim major in Texas and who does the FBI raid, from Sarah Weber, Sandusky Register:

A battalion of local officers and federal agents flooded the Bayshore Estates neighborhood Saturday afternoon.

A second raid was conducted in Huron. An FBI agent at the scene of the Bayshore Estates raid said a second, related raid was taking place at “another location.” Huron police confirmed late Saturday a raid had taken place in that city, but would say nothing more.

The Obama administration is more intent of suppressing domestic critics than  protecting us for foreign enemies.    This is not protecting the national security.  Rather it an attempt to distract the public from the disaster that is Obama Care?   The Obami can’t seem to function without a villain to demonize and an artificial crisis to exploit.

Loose Canon Department, meanwhile Alan Greyson (D – Moon) was talking about getting rid of republicans, video:

Hat tip:  Jim Hoft,  Gateway Pundit.

So did the Obami take up Greyson’s suggestion?

Opps, Obami hit reset button back to 1812Times(UK):

BRITAIN’S special relationship with the US — forged by Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt in the second world war — no longer exists, says a committee of influential MPs.

Instead, America’s relationship with Britain is no more special than with its other main allies, according to a report by the Commons foreign affairs committee published today


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