DavidL's Breakfast Scramble

Obama Care breeds the World’s fastest chickens.William A. Jacobson, Legal Insurrection:

Obamacare’s Chickens Coming Home To Roost Already

Numerous companies already have announced enormous financial write-downs related to Obamacare’s cutback of subsidies for prescription drug benefit programs for retirees.

These subsidies, while characterized by Democrats as “loopholes,” actually saved the government money because it cost less to subsidize private drug programs than for the government to provide the same benefit through Medicare:

Oz knocks BO, Greg Sheridan, Australian:

BARACK Obama’s anti-Israel jihad is one of the most irresponsible policy lurches by any modern American president. It rightly earns Obama the epithet of the US president least sympathetic to Israel in Israel’s history. Jimmy Carter became a great hater of Israel, but only after he left office.

Hat tip:  Donald Douglas, American Power.

BO knocks up Lady Liberty, Darleen Click, Protein Wisdom.(NSFW)     Unlike Obama Care, Darleen’s cartoon will not actually kill anybody.

Dirty Harry Reid’s base turns violent.   The entire Nevada base for Dirty Harry,  all thirty-five of them, showed up in Searchlight to counter a Tea Party rally. from Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:

There are reportedly THOUSANDS of patriots at the rally. I was just told by a friend that they are having to walk forever to get to the rally.

The Tea Party numbered in the thousands, but it was Dirty Harry’s base which turned violent, from  Tea Party Express:

Supporters of Senator Harry Reid have just thrown eggs at the Tea Party Express bus caravan – striking at least one of the three buses (the red Tea Party Express bus) with multiple eggs.

About 35 Reid supporters had lined Highway 95 in front of the Nugget Casino in Searchlight where they were attempting a counter-demonstration the tens of thousands of tea party supporters who are gathering for the “Showdown in Searchlight.”

Conservative bloggesses prefer  Sean Connery, Fausta:

Feminine-looking men? Ugh

Gotta admit  that the  girl has a way with words.

Blondie’s tour of Canada, the aftershocks report, Kathy Shaidle, Five Feet of Fury:

Come and get me, you fairies.


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