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Blind Man Paterson Keeps Digging

The First Rule of Holes is to stop digging.   That is something else New York State Lieutenant Governor, David “Blind Man” Paterson forgot, from Elizabeth Benjamin,   New York Daily News [1]:

The Times has dropped another bomb [2] on Gov. David Paterson, reporting that he directed two state employees to contact the woman who accused his top aide, David Johnson, of domestic abuse.

This revelation comes just hours after Paterson proclaimed to a room full of business leaders and reporters that AG Andrew Cuomo’s probe into the Johnson case “is a separate issue that really involves the problems of someone that worked for us and not me.”

Say what you will about former president Richard Nixon,he wasn’t the one caught in the Watergate Hotel.    Further Nixon was neither aware of G. Gordon Liddy’s actions nor authorized them.   Sure Nixon was crook but at least not a stupid crook.   Say good bye David.  So who the heck replaces Paterson?