I’m still in the bus I picked up in Cleveland. a somewhat older rig and certainly less fully featured but the ride is OK.

We’ve made a number of stops as we made our way along…. Elkhart for example.

I’m quickly being reminded that I don’t sleep well in a moving vehicle.

Fact: People make weird noises when sleeping.

Fact: The noises that multiple people make while sleeping is multiplied in it’s werdness by the number of people involved. In this case the weirdness multiplication factor is 50, more or less.

Fact: Road food is designed and priced for what is essentially a captive audience. ($5 for a small tuna sandwich on a stale hard roll?)

Fact: While I have always beleived that it’s the trip npt the arrival that’s the best part and still think so…. in this particulr case I won’t deny I’ll be lots happier when I get where I’m going this time.

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