Is Secretary of Transportation acting as representative of the People,  and making  a good faith effort to protect the safety of the public; or is LaHood acting as a shill for General Government Motors, and trying to drive down the value of a competitor?    Read the  story:

(CNN) — Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood caused a stir Wednesday when he told owners of recalled Toyotas to stop driving their cars, took back that wording, and said he meant to tell worried owners to take their cars to the dealer for a fix.

Owners already are concerned and confused about their cars’ safety since Toyota recalled millions of vehicles — eight of its models — because of problems with sticking gas pedals.

See the video:

Hat tip and more: Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit.

Toyota’s stock dropped sharply immediately after LaHood gave his advice.

A couple hours later Lahood said he misspoke and retracted his previous statements.


It looks like stock manipulation to me.   Do we need to appoint a special prosecutor to insure the integrity of our government?    Can you trust the Obama administration to tell the truth?   As long as the federal government is both in the business of selling cars and overseeing car manufacturers we have an inherent conflict of interest.

If you work for Toyota, or any non Detroit auto company, can you trust the Obama administration to try and protect your job?

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