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  • TALK TO THE HAND:  All kinds of nonsense from the left about a few words written on Palin’s hand. I even heard that magnificent moron, Don Imus, hacking up a hairball about people who defend Palin’s “hand written”, three word note versus complaining about Obama’s Teleprompter addiction.  OK, maybe he was trying to be funny. He didn’t succeed, however.Obama is supposed to be smart, and able to think on his feet. Palin, on the other hand is  an idiot, or so  the left likes to tell us… and there are some Republicans who tend to agree with that mentally limited assessment.  But consider this….Who is demonstrably the smarter? One who works from a few handwritten words, and vamps on that for an extended, ad well delivered speech,  or one who seemingly never is able to look up from the teleprompter (Even at an elementary school)  except to gaze, between utterances, at the crowd, meaningfully… with the meaning clearly being “Here I am, admire my genius”?There seems to me more than a streak of desperation in the left’s complaints about Palin. Those are no more clearly demonstrated than they are with this incident. Of course if one compares the pattern of attacks on Palin vs the pattern of attacks on Bush, the similarity of tossing anything they can at their opponent, no matter how ridiculous. Michelle has some thoughts.
  • STATE OF THE UNION BOUNCE: Rasmussen says Oabama’s polling  numbers are on their way back down after people began to understand that the speech was just that… a speech. Empty words. For all the talk about jobs, the only jobs that have been saved or created are government jobs.  That reality has started to catch up with the White House. His approval is now down to 44%
  • DC SHUTDOWN: I commented the other day that

    I have to suggest that what Washington is buried under right now, is probably beneficial to the nation as a whole, because it prevents any attempts to exert governmental power to spend our money on whatever they want.  I suppose it’s a futile hope that the storm will continue until the next election.  But at this point, I will take any victory I can.

    Turns out, the storm happened on Reagan’s Birthday. Poetic, I think. Oh, and Happy Birthday, Gipper!

  • THE ANSWER IS YES: Kos IS in fact an extremist. He’s certainly not mainstream.
  • THE REASON THE COLTS LOST: Obama predicted their victory. The guy simply can’t get anything right.
  • THE GREEN POLICE: Yes, I saw the ad.  You didn’t? Here you go.
    I think it prophetic.

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