DavidL's Breakfast Scramble
Missed it by that much, being seen at CPAC, Glenn Renolds, Instapundit.

A short history of a big success, Michelle on Hot Air:

The traffic and popularity of the site[Hot Air] — from 0 to more than 25 million page views a month last fall in the short span of four years, with plaudits too many to track — show that you do, too

Nobody does it better.

William A. Jacobson, ponders on the meme of  white privilege”, Legal Insurrection:

It is impossible to disprove “white privilege” because the concept does not rely on proof of discrimination in a particular situation. The absence of proof is proof.

It is true that you can not disprove a theory which is not falsifiable.   However  white privilege is not fact, but merely a possible explanation, of many.   Reference to the success of Hot Air, Michelle Malkin is nether white, nor male.   The theory of white privilege can not explain Malkin’s success.   On the other hand, hard work and talent can.   Back at you bigots

Mrs. Palin goes to Illinois, Lynn Sweet, Sun-Times (Chicago):

Will Sarah Palin play in Peoria? Except for a brief stop in Chicago to tape an Oprah Winfrey show last November, Palin’s first public appearance in Illinois will be April 17 in Washington, a town of about 14,000 near Peoria.

The local community center — called Five Points Washington — booked Palin for a speech and a dinner to raise money for a parking lot, youth scholarships and other projects. The 1,000 tickets sold out in a day. With VIP receptions thrown in, the center’s gross — according to my calculations — should be about $235,000, minus Palin’s fee, which is in the $100,000 ballpark.

To bee or not to bee, Betsy Newmark, Betsy’s Page:

Spelling is not an unnecessary skill

Duke University is going to sponsor the local spelling bee for this region of North Carolina. I’m very happy to see this since we haven’t had a regional spelling bee for over a decade when the school district decided to do away with spelling bees since they thought the bees put too much pressure on the children and celebrated an unnecessary skill in these days of spellchecks.

A spelling bee might be politically dangerous.   From what I have seen, they tend to be dominated by home schooled children of pallor.    As  for me, speling was my best subject.

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