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Harold Ford, Jr, Tax Cheat, John Cook, Gawker:

When it comes to his shadow run for Senate, Harold Ford is a New Yorker through and through. When it comes to paying taxes, though, he’s still a Tennessean — he’s never filed a New York return

Kennedy will not seek re-election, Andrew Miga and Michelle R. Smith:

WASHINGTON (AP) – Rep. Patrick Kennedy’s decision not to seek re-election will leave Washington without a Kennedy in political office for the first time in more than 60 years.

The Rhode Island Democrat’s term ends early next year but he says in a television message viewed by The Associated Press on Thursday that his life is “taking a new direction” and he will not seek a ninth term. The video was provided to the AP by Kennedy’s congressional office.

A dollar to a donut says that Kennedy’s new direction will not include sobriety.

Team Obama, video:

That was from 26 October last year.

Hat tip: Michelle.

Oh Sarah, video:

Hat tip: Nice Deb.

Hey Joe, hows that Hopey, Changy thing working for ya, video:

Hat tip: Da Tech Guy.

A sure sign of the failure of the Obama administration is the fact that they have to try to relabel Bush Administration achievements as if they were their own.

Ramble back, Eric rambled:

CLINTON’S HEART: Yes I saw all the web traffic surrounding the incident with former President Bill Clinton (God,  that still feels good to say). I didn’t say anything about it because frankly, and despite all the news nets going wall to wall on it, I didn’t consider it all that newsworthy.

Michelle makes a connection.

Now, a timely reminder: Stents don’t grow on trees. They were not created, developed, marketed, or sold by government bureaucrats and lawmakers. One of the nation’s top stent manufacturers, Boston Scientific, has weighed in on the Democrats’ proposed massive taxes on medical device makers:

The two stints B.J. Clinton received may have saved his life.  Good.  Yet for some strange reason, Dirty Harry Reid wants to take the manufacturers of devices that save lives.    Does Does Dirty Harry wants to kill B.J. Clinton?   Dirty Harry, and maybe I Won and Mrsl Pelosi, wants to make devices which have saved Clinton’s life harder to get and more expensive.   Reid wants to tax medical devices.   Did Clinton fail to donate to Reid’s re-election campaign”

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