Some in the left are upset with Ann Coulter’s latest drive by punditry at the expense of the Strutting Delaware Blue Hen, b/k/a Vice President Joe Biden, from Marc Schenker, Associated Content:

Coulter referred to Biden as a drunken Irishman in back-to-back segments on Geraldo Rivera’s show, considerately making sure that those who missed her slight the first time would be sure to catch it the second time around. In particular, Coulter’s reference for the slight seemed to be correctly directed at Biden’s dishonest propaganda of late of falsely claiming that the success of Iraq was an Obama Administration success as opposed to a George W. Bush one.


Hat tip: and more Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:

Last night on Geraldo Dem crank Joe Trippi compared Sarah Palin to Jesse Jackson Jr. (When was the last time Jesse Jackson sold out a venue in hours for a speech? When was the last time the liberal media mauled Jesse Jackson?) Ann Coulter came back with the best line of the night, “How long are we going to pretend that Joe Biden is not just some drunken Irishman embarrassing Obama?”

Now the left going to have to find some Irish male who will purport to offended.   Good luck   It is pretty hard to gets a rise from an Irish man by playing into stereotype.

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