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  • BLIND LEADING THE BLIND:  Well, no, that’s insulting to blind people… but seeing Paul Krugman calling anyone clueless, just melts my irony meter. As evidence of Krugman’s complete cluelessness, I offer the fact that he does not as yet recognize that the irresponsible behavior in terms of the world economy was not on the part of the banks, but on the part of the U.S. government which over controlled the banks, so as to buy votes with mortgages that nobody could afford. For a second point, I suggest a serious look at his comments about not be grudging bank executives their bonuses or pay increases or what have you.  At what point did that become the purview of the government?  Let’s bring this a little closer to home ; before long the question will be “At what point do your pay increases become the purview of the government?”  Do you understand the depth of this?  I can only suppose that this is the same attitude that gives them the right to decide on what we’re supposed to feeder cans, because of some claim of child obesity.
  • BIPARTISANSHIP IS NOT SURRENDER: The last place I expected this to come from would be Mark Knoller of CBS.

    Mark Knoller, CBS News

    When a sitting president calls for bipartisanship by the opposition – he really means surrender. And if they block his proposals, its “obstinacy” and not political views they hold as strongly as he holds his.

    Now, understand, I agree with Knoller here. His commentary is spot on.  I just wouldn’t have expected him to utter these words with a Democrat in the White House. Obama may very well have identified that the people are frustrated with the lack of motion in Congress.  Then again, in Obama the grated political mind that has given his party defeat after defeat in the polls, who has been able to get precisely none of his agenda passed, other than spending us into oblivion, and who recently told us that the Colts were going to win the Super Bowl. In total, not  exactly a confidence builder, in terms of trusting his judgments on things.

  • SNOWSTORM: So now the global warming crowd has sprung into action, and has decided that the recent spate of snowstorms on the East Coast are the result of global warming. Message to Al Gore; Nobody’s believing this garbage, Albert.  Not even those you called followers. Reports from the DC area indicate that it’s costing something on the $300,000,000.00 per day just to close up the offices.  Frankly, that seems a reasonable deal given it costs as 100 times that when we leave those offices open.  Tell the truth, now, how many of you really noticed that the offices of the Federal government were closed?  I suspect not many.
  • DEMOCRATS BEING DEMOCRATSOver at Fox News, Joseph Abrams is reporting:

    A new Web site targeting the tea parties is a part of a complex network of money flowing from the mountainous coffers of the country’s biggest labor unions and trickling slowly into political slush funds for Democratic activists.

    Meanwhile, we see the traditionally leftist org, called Amnesty International suffering from it’s links to the Taliban? Now, wait a minute. So what we have here, is progressives acting unethically and in concert with the Taliban ?  Gee, I never would have seen that coming.

  • WHAT ARE THE REAL NUMBERS, BARRY? It’s an interesting article in the Washington Times today from their editorial staff.  In the first paragraph they point out that the numbers declaring the number of job losses and its impact on these United States often contradict other measures also issued by the government for the same purpose.  They point out the fact that the government really doesn’t know how many people are out of work, the people are without jobs .  The reason for that lack of knowledge is simple; those numbers are based on surveys which can have wildly different methodologies. They suggest that the numbers that the government have been reporting need to be adjusted seriously downward ; things are far worse than we’re being told.  Personally, I can’t help but wonder if those reports were not intentionally skewed so.  We have so often seen coming out of Washington these days statistics and figures which were obviously issued by throwing a dart at a board on the other side of the room.  Or, were issued very obviously with some political objective in mind.  We’ve been lied to about so many things, from this government, that I wouldn’t put this one past them, frankly.
  • SOMEONE SEES THE WARNING SIGNS and they’re responding
  • NOW HONDA, TOO I mentioned yesterday that the likely reason for the large number of recalls four Toyota recently is that their largest competitors are now U.S. government owned.  Inflict of interest for that cell same government to be acting against its corporate competition.  The thought process behind that conclusion was confirmed yesterday when recalls and investigations started showing up with Honda .  It doesn’t take a great deal of gray matter to understand that the united states government is now targeting corporate Japan, its biggest competitor.  has the U.S. government started getting entirely too cozy with the automobile industry?  I think it could be fairly said that they have been less stringent than some on the left would like them to have been. but I refuse to measure the overall performance of a government agency based on what the progressives think of it.
  • IRAN Over at the New York Times, Robert Wright quietly suggests that we should be listening to the Iranian people, in our efforts to understand and quell their drive for the bomb.   frankly, this is sheer idiocy.  The fact of the matter is the united states government, or for that matter any government and the world, has absolutely no chance of interfacing to rectally with the Iranian people, given the state of the leadership over there.  Write seems to be under the illusion that the drive for nuclear armaments is coming directly from the rank and file Iranian, and not the mullahs or from the civilian government.  First of all, I wonder how we can make that judgment.  But secondly, even if true, what to do about it?  Remember, this is one of the problems that was supposed to be so easily counterbalanced by the sheer force of the personality of Barack Obama. Seems to me that among other things, this column from Robert Wright… (in the New York Times of all places?) … is a tacit admission that that force of personality didn’t work.  If in fact Robert Wright has a correct, that this Gerard for nuclear armaments is actually coming from the Arabian people, in what way does he suggests that we negotiate with them?  He points out that this is the 30th anniversary … correction, the 31st anniversary, of the 1979 uprising .  Here’s an extra bonus question for you …. what party was in power in Congress, and which party had the White House, in 1979?  Not much has changed since those days, including the illusion that the Democrats are on top of all of this.

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