I got to give Harold Ford, Jr. potential candidate for Senate from the great state of Tennessee err New York credit.  Taylor Marsh and Katerine Jean-Lopez don’t agree on much, but they seem to agree on Harold Ford, Jr, K-Lo, National Review:

Harold Ford Jr. appears to say different things depending what state he’s running in.

When he was running for Senate in Tennessee, he claimed he was pro-life (And I quote: “I’m pro-life, I’m pro-life . . .  I don’t run from that.”

It was false. And now he’s running from that untruth.

Pitching himself to New Yorkers — “gearing up,” he says, to run in the Democratic primary for Hillary Clinton’s old seat — the former congressman writes today:

Ms Marsh:

Who knows, maybe New York will make Harold Ford, Jr. lean left. But that simply hasn’t been his record, regardless of his protestations in the New York Post, of all papers, today.

Recently, Mr. Ford said he’d “evolved” on gay marriage (“Today” show video), having voted against it in Tennessee, supporting the Defense of Marriage Act, he now supports civil unions and gay marriage.

Lopez is pro-life.   When Ford claimed to be pro-life,  Lopez did not believe  Ford.    On the other hand, Marsh is pro-choice.    The position that Ford now claims.   Marsh does not believe Ford.

It seems that Ford has taken so many politically expedient position that he lacks credibility.    Neither Lopez, nor Marsh know which Ford position to believe.  I can’t see how Harold going to any better with the New York State’s democrats that.

Meanwhile, enjoy the only NARAL video I am ever likely to post:

Aside: We put Mrs. Clinton’s picture on a milk cartoon.  I think Ford’s picture of container of popcorn would be apt.

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