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Sarah Goes to Fox, Kos Throws a Hissy Fit

Sarah Palin has signed with Fox News, from  Jim Rutenberg, New York Times [1]:

Former Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska has signed on as a contributor to the Fox News Channel.

Sarah Palin The network confirmed that Ms. Palin would appear on the network’s programming on a regular basis as part of a multiyear deal. Financial terms were not disclosed.


Sarah Palin

Hat tip and reax,  Ed Morrissey, Hot Air [3]:

Sarah Palin’s supporters have reason to cheer, and perhaps lament, the media news leaked to the New York Times this morning.  The former governor and VP candidate will become a Fox News analyst, signing a multi-year deal for appearances as a political pundit.  That gives Palin an even larger stage, but might mean that she’s looking at a longer game plan than some may want

Teabagging [4].

Shall I conclude that Jed Lewison, Daily Kos [5], likes sucking scrotum sacs:

In light of the news that Sarah Palin will join intellectual luminaries such as Karl Rove, Dana Perino, and Mike Huckabee as a Fox News Network contributor, I just want to offer FNC head honcho Roger Ailes a heartfelt “thanks.”

We all know that Fox News is somewhere to the right of the teabagging hordes and even in non-political stories doesn’t have half the journalistic integrity of The Onion. Sure, Fox does its level-best to support the reactionary right, but as the hiring of Sarah Palin demonstrates, Fox is first and foremost a business, and this is a decision that Ailes hopes will make him a billion dollar earner

And is just throwing a hissy fit?   Not that there is anything wrong with that.