From Erick Erickson, Red State:

People tell me the President’s rush to acknowledge the attack on the CIA in Afghanistan and mourn the deaths openly, publicly, and via press release is a huge no no. The CIA and greater intelligence community would prefer not to have the attention put on them. Additionally, because the President took the time to draft a blanket statement focused on the CIA in general instead of individually and more privately focusing on the families of the victims, it acknowledges the CIA’s work in Afghanistan, acknowledges that the attack has an impact on the CIA, and gives the terrorists a new recruiting tool — “you too can cause America to publicly mourn the loss of their spies.”

An agent’s identity is a protected state secret, whether or not the agent is alive or not. Where is the special prosecutor?

Further, giving the Islamic terrorists a new recruiting tool, seems close to treason to me.  What say you?  On December 8, 1941, did President Franklin Roosevelt acknowledge just how badly Japan had damaged our fleet?    No.   Just because Roosevelt had lost a battle,  he had a war to win