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Now is the the Time NOT

Ben Claw, Talking Points Memo [1], sums up Barack Obama year, 2009, on healtcare:

Well folks, it’s been one year since President Barack Obama took office. And he spent a lot of that year working on health care reform.

Correction Ben,  Obama did not spend a lot time in Aught Nine working on health care, he spent a lot time talking about it.    Roll the video:

More to the point, Obama did not talk about health care reform.    Rather Obama talked about the time, and he talked about it a lot.    Obama said the process would be open.  It was not.   He said the plan would include everybody.  It does nott.   He said the plan would lower costs.   It does not.   He said that it would improve care.   It would not.   Obama said you  could keep your current coverage.   You would not be so able.   In short Obama talked a lot, but said little.    Further, what he said was simply not true.