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  • BUGGING? MAYBE NOT… I’ve looked at the affidavit again about the supposed ‘bugging’ of Mary Landrieu’s office, that I mentioned this morning, and it’s become clear to me that isn’t in the charges. So what are these people being charged with?   Update: Patterico comes to the same point and says so this morning. He also indicates that the source of the WaPo story is Carol D Leoning, who has a bit of history with O’Keefe… slandering him as regards the ACORN thing.
  • OBAMAGIRL NOT IN LOVE ANYMORE: So reports Jammie Wearing Fool
  • SPYKER’S SAAB STORY:  As I told you the Saab sale to Spyker went through after all.

    And that, I think, is the real impact of the polls and the Democratic departures/retirements: those struggling not to be swept out in the 2010 wave will increasingly look at each and every vote through the prism of their own electorate and re-election self-interest. Yes, what a novel concept! But that was not the story in 2009, when congressmen and senators were persuaded over and over again to ignore everything else (e.g., polls, town hall attendees, jammed switchboards) and adhere to the Obama-Reid-Pelosi line. That dynamic is very likely to reverse itself — leaving the “leadership” to chase after members, while members attune themselves to voters back home.

    Mmmmmpppfhfhfh. While I tend to agree that the effort will be there to appear more responsive to the electorate, (politics, after all, is nothing but appearances, from a Progressive’s point of view) to the fact remains that the pursuit of the progressive agenda will continue unabated.  A look at Mr. Obama and his late in coming, and overtly populist stance in response to voter anger is the key evidence, here.  That and 60 years worth of Democrat party history. I’ll tell you what, though, Jennifer; I’m beginning to see the termination of a split among the Democrat party.  It may not happen immediately , because the left is generally speaking more pragmatic that is good for them, but such a split must eventually come .  The split will be down the lines between the progressives, and the mainstream portion of the Democrat party.

  • FOX IS THE MOST TRUSTED: A showing that Fox News is the most trusted news network in the country. Meanwhile, Newsday is licking its wounds after only 35 people signed up for the privilege of paying for their content.  Newsflash to the New York Times: Baybe you guys on a rethink this stuff ?   I’m willing to bet that if Fox were to go to Pay for Content, they have enough to support themselves.  On the other hand, since they’re getting enough in advertising revenue these days, they probably don’t feel the need to go strictly pay for play.  Is the message here that where we get our news content from his a matter of trust, not a matter of who pays for it?  Is the message here that if the people actually trusted the New York Times for example, they wouldn’t be in the revenue slump they’re in? Just sayin’….

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