Let it never be said that Eric doesn’t know how to bait a co-blogger:

DUKE: WHAT DIDN’T HAPPEN… David’s gonna holler about this. The always pretty Mary Katharine Ham, ripping the Duke fiasco, Mike Nifong, and so on. What’s not to love? (BBCT Glenn)

What did not happen in Duke, is that they did not get religion.   Duke is same hot bed of sin, lying, that it was three years ago.

One of the things that irked me about the Duke Faux Rape case was the media’s refusal to identify the name of the false accuser, one Crystal Gail Mangum.    As a person who was never raped, at least by the men she accused of raping her, Mangum has no privacy that need be respected.  She however formerly had her own Wikipedia entry

It appears that Mangum was not the only whore in Durham.  There were eighty-eight(now eighty-five) on the Duke Faculty.  Donald Douglas, American Power:

Anyway, I mention all of this after reading John Hinderaker’s essay from last night, “What ever happened to the “Duke 88?” (Via Memeorandum.) It turns out that none of the 88 Duke University faculty have apologized for their roles in the 2006 Duke University lacrosse case

More Stuart Taylor, Jr, National Journal:

You might think that a university whose students were victims of the most notorious fraudulent rape claim in recent history, and whose professors — 88 of them — signed an ad implicitly presuming guilt, and whose president came close to doing the same would have learned some lessons.

The facts are otherwise

If you are traveling to Durham, and want a good time, look up Paula McClain.