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Corporations: Like Any Other Group

Dodd Harris over at OTB makes the excellent point [1] that:

At the core, corporations are just human constructs. We invented them to further our own purposes. They exist as concepts rather than physical objects, but have no more or less moral agency than any other human invention. Just as a gun or a piece of paper are, in and of themselves, neither moral nor immoral but can be used either way, so too are corporate entities morally neutral. It suits the purposes of people as individuals to concatenate into corporations.

I tell him…

It has always struck me as odd that those on the left spend so much of their time catering and kissing the backsides of various favored groupings of individuals, such as a race a gender or a sexual orientation, and yet do consider that corporations… which are in fact groups of individuals just like those they favor… have fewer rights than those they favor. And yes, I consider that groupings based on race a gender or a sexual orientation, are human constructs as well.

Maybe, just maybe, in the end, it’s just because private corporations do not fit in with the neo-socialist mantra?

I would add a question; What makes Unions more moral than corporation in the eyes of the left, hmmm?