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The Patterns are There for All to See

While I sit in the doctor’s office waiting for my appointmnet, I see Greg Sargent says today: [1]

As you may have heard, a Dem staffer helping the Martha Coakley [2] campaign was caught on video [3] shoving a Weekly Standard reporter, prompting an explosion of outrage from national Republicans and the right-wing media, who alleged bullying and intimidation.

Now the staffer, Michael Meehan, sends over a statement admitting error (though not conceding bullying) and saying he also apologized directly to the Standard reporter, John McCormack:

Last evening I was a little too aggressive in the confusion of trying to help the Attorney General get to her car and catch a flight.

I clearly did not intend to cause John McCormack to trip and fall over that low fence. As the video shows and he confirms in his blog, I stopped to help him up and make sure he was OK.

I talked with Mr. McCormack this afternoon and apologized for my part.

The question now is whether this remains an issue in the closing days of the white hot Massachusetts race. National Republicans have been hammering Dem candidate Martha Coakley today, demanding an apology, and it’s been lighting up talk radio all day today.

So you have to assume that even if McCormack accepts the apology — and I’m told he is going to — the national GOP and right-wing media will continue savaging Coakley over it.

And so they should. Lets think about this. Where are the people of the left who so loudly complained about the press being banned from some of her book signings? Where are the people who complained about Joe Klien getting his biased butt kicked off McCain’s plane? Where are the people who last week were complaining about the decision to keep the press away from the Tea Party convention? [4]They are nowhere to be found.

Telling, that.

Meehan’s statement is just so much BS, which is to be expected.  Clearly, what happened here was that somebody in the press dared to not be in Liberal Lockstep. I do not accept his apology, nor do I accept his explanation.  There’s only one explanation that I will accept, and that is political intimidation.

So what we have here is a Democrat Party that will make fun of anyone who doesn’t subject themselves to the Liberal Lockstep press, but is willing to use intimidation tactics that anyone who dares raise any serious questions of them, their motives, their actions, and the results.

Alas, this is not unlike what we’ve seen with every totalitarian regime in history.  If you think that statement over the top, I suggest you that I’m underplaying it.  I would further suggests that maybe in the comments you could explain to us how what we’re seeing here does not match that pattern.

Somehow, I doubt anyone will take up the challenge.