From radio buddy Scott Fybush,  on Northeast Radio Watch, on Monday:

*The final collapse of New York-based Air America Radio made big industry headlines at week’s end, but the bankruptcy liquidation of the pioneering progressive talk network won’t affect many timeslots on any NERW-land radio stations. There were no full-time Air America affiliates in the region, and hadn’t been for several years, and even in New York Air America was only being cleared for a few hours a day on nominal flagship WWRL (1600): Montel Williams’ mid-morning show was delayed to 3-6 PM, followed by Ron Reagan Jr. from 6-8 PM, and three overnight hours were filled with a delayed Rachel Maddow rebroadcast and “Clout with Richard Greene.” There’s no word yet on what programming will now be heard during those hours on WWRL.

Ithaca’s WNYY (1470) was carrying Air America’s Lionel in morning drive, and has now replaced him with Dial Global’s Bill Press. The only other weekday AA shows on WNYY were an hour of Norman Goldman at night, replaced by Montel Williams, and an hour of Rachel Maddow early in the morning, replaced by the Wall Street Journal This Morning show.

In Buffalo, WWKB (1520) wasn’t using any of Air America’s weekday shows in its lineup (a relic of the brief competition between ‘KB and former AA affiliate WHLD 1270 a few years back), but it will have to replace some of the weekend programming it was getting from the now-defunct network.

Well, forgive me, if I don’t actually mourn the passage of that bastion of non-thought… the radio network that gave us such quotes as:

“The entire Bush crime family should be executed.”

Oh… and…

“Bush and Cheney are gleefully causing gas prices to go sky high to benefit their big oil friends.”

Oh… and…. Oh, never mind. You get the idea.

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